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A bottle with a leaking cork.

German for Wine.

The combined characteristics of a wine.

Wine Cellar:
A storage place for wines; need not be subterranean.

Wine Cooler:
1. A drink madeof wine diluted with fruit juices, soft drinks, or other beverages, generally served over ice. Usually high in sulfites.

2. A container in which wine is cooled.

Wine Grower:
A person who cultivates a vineyard (more accurately, grape-grower) and or makes wine.

Wine Maker:
A person who makes wine; in commercial production, the title generally attaches to the person responsible for every step in winemaking, from grape-growing through aging and bottling; also called oenologist, although these terms frequently are applied to assistants who do not have the winemaker's responsibility.

A place where wine is made.

Characterized by the taste of wood, usually the result of aging overlong in wooden containers.

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