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The Cooking Inn : Herbs, Spices, Oils & Flavorings D Page Select an item from the list to go to it's site

Day Lillies:
Many shades of orange and yellow. Slightly sweet, nut-like flavor. A cross between asparagus and zucchini.

Uses: Good with pasta and mushrooms dishes.

Dianthus Flowers (Red, Pink or White) :
Little flavor. Pink variety spicy, like cloves.

Dill Seed:
Dried fruit of the dill plant. Pungent in flavor.

Uses: Breads, braised cabbage, meat stews, rice, and cooked root vegetables.

Dill Weed:
Aromatic herb, pertaining to the carrot family.

Uses: Good with fish, potatoes, soups, sauces and cheese.

Dried Lily Flowers:
These long, thin buds of the lily flower are also called golden needles or tiger-lily petals. They must be soaked in cold water to cover for about 30 minutes so that their pale yellow pollen doesn't interfere with the flavor of the dish. Tie each bud in a knot to keep them from breaking during cooking.

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