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The Cooking Inn : Herbs, Spices, Oils & Flavorings M Page Select an item from the list to go to it's site

The covering of the inner shell that holds nutmeg.

Uses: Whole in pickling or ground in baked goods.

Mahlab (whole):
Also "mahleb", "mahlep". Small tan kernels of a species of wild cherry, with an almondy and slightly bitter taste (but no prussic acid), used to flavour breads and pastries in Turkey and the Middle East. Try ˝ to 1 tsp per cup of flour in your recipe. Keep whole and grind fresh as needed.

Yellow, orange and gold flowers. Mild peppery taste. Some varieties less intense and bitter. Others citrusy and milder. Goes well with mushroom salad.

Mastic Gum:
The resin of the lentisk tree of the Greek islands. Powdered, it delicately flavours and perfumes Mediterranean puddings and sweet dishes; it is also used as a sort of chewing gum.

Marjoram Leaves:
Belonging to the mint family, it's flavor is potent.

Uses: Poultry stuffings, sausage, stews, sauces, soups, veal dishes, meat dishes, potatoe dishes, and a lot of Italian dishes, especially the sauces.

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Mexican Oregano:
Known as 'té de pais' ('country tea') in Mexico. It is the commonly used 'oregano' in Mexico, and may be used in European recipes as well. It is described as having a "dusky lemon-and-camphor" flavour.

Mint (Leaves or Flakes):
Cool pungent flavored herb.

Uses: As a garnish, used in middle eastern dishes, and lamb dishes.

A low-alcohol, sweet, golden wine made from glutinous rice.

Uses: Essential to the Japanese cook, Mirin adds sweetness and flavor to a variety of dishes, sauces and glazes. Mirin is also reffered to simply a Rice Wine

A salty paste made from cooked, aged soybeans and sometimes grains.

Uses: Mainly used for soup flavoring, it is also thick and spreadable for other dishes, most being Japanese.

Mixed Pickling Spice:
A mixture of whole spices.

Uses: Pickling. Also good in stews and soups.

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Mixed Vegetable Flakes:
Dehydrated vegetable flakes containing celery, onion, carrot, green and sweet red pepper.

Uses: Soups, sauces, and stuffings.

A rich, dark, smooth, reddish-brown Mexican sauce made with onions, garlic, several types of chilies, ground sesame or pumpkin seeds and Mexican chocolate.

Uses: Used in poultry, also contributes to richness to sauces without adding overt sweetness.

Mono Sodium Glutamate (M.S.G.):
Made from sugar beets and wheat protein.

Uses: Used to heighten flavor. ( Caution - M.S.G. thins blood.)

Mustards :
Bright yellow flowers. Hot, pungent mustard flavor.

Uses: Great in salads.

Mustard Seed:
Seed of the the mustard plant. Ground seed mixed with vinegar and other spices, makes prepared mustard.

Uses: Pickling, sauces, and gravies.

Myrtle Leaf:
In ancient times the myrtle was a fertility symbol, and wreaths of the leaves were worn at various Greek festivals. The Romans used the leaves culinarily and to flavour wine. They are still used today as an alternative to bay leaves in marinades and stews, particularly in Sardinia.

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