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All parts of this beautiful plant are eaten except the roots. .

Uses: Young leaves and stems add a peppery accent to salads and sandwiches, or can be used in dishes as a watercress substitute. The flower blossoms may be minced and used to flavor butter, cream cheese or vinegar (vinaigrettes), and whole flowers are colorful and delicious in salads or as a garnish. Nasturtium seeds and immature buds and used like capers. Also great in salsas, grilled dishes and stuffed with guacamole.

Nigella Seed:
Strong, aromatic, triangular black seeds. Charlemagne listed it, under the name 'gitto' or 'gith', among the plants to be set out in each imperial city. It was called for in medieval Persian cookery under the name 'shuniz'. Also known as 'black cumin' or 'fennel flower'; in India as 'kalongi'.

From the nutmeg tree, this kernel of fruit is one of the oldest of known spices.

Uses: In cream soups. sauces, and a variety of desserts.

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