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The Cooking Inn : Herbs, Spices, Oils & Flavorings P Page Select an item from the list to go to it's site

Blue, orange and purple flowers. Mild flavor.

Uses: Great as a garnish, in salads and for candying.

A form of red pepper; Hungarian is hotter, than the mild Spanish paprika. the method of grinding, determines the flavor.

Uses: For mild flavoring and coloring of seafood, egg dishes, sauces, and salad dressings.

Fresh or dried.

Uses: To garnish or to season stocks, soups, sauces, eggs, and potatoe dishes.

Peanut Oil:
A bland flavored oil, with 18 percent saturated fat, that does not absorb or transfer flavors. The smoking point of peanut oil, while relatively high, is lower than that of corn or safflower oils.

Uses: Used often in Asian cooking

Pumpkin seeds with their white hull removed. They are a medium-dark green and have a deliciously delicate flavor, which is enhanced when the seeds are roasted and salted.

Uses:This is a popular ingredient in Mexican cookery.

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Penny Royal:
This is a strongly aromatic low or erect perennial with stems cloaked in small whitish hairs. It has short stalked oval leaves which are scarcely toothed and lilac flowers arranged in whorls appearing from June to August. The fruit is a nutlet.
Common by stream sides and on marshy ground from sea-level to 1,000 ft.
A nutritious salad can be made from fresh pennyroyal leaves dressed with vinegar and olive oil. The antiseptic properties of pennyroyal make it useful in cases of mouth infections and chewing leaves is also a good way to rid the mouth of garlic and onion smells. It is rich in the essential oil, "olio menthae" which consists of menthols, alcohols, tannins, picric compounds and aldehydes. Widely used in medicine of the past with similar actions to peppermint. It is a good tonic and has remarkable stimulating action particularly to the uterine muscles and should therefore be avoided during pregnancy. It is said to act as an aphrodisiac in high doses. It can be used as an infusion, extract or raw vegetable. This is a good bee plant yielding nectar freely.

Pepper (black and white):
Black pepper is the immature berries, white pepper is the mature berries, with the hull removed.

Uses: Whole in stocks, and pickling. Ground in most other dishes.

Pickled chili peppers with a slightly sweet flavor that can range from medium to medium-hot.

Uses:They are often used as part of an antipasto platter.

A Japanese herb that has a dark, russet-purple dentate leaf. It has a complex sweetness.

Uses:It is wonderful in meat sauces and to make vinegar with.

A sweet red pepper with succulent flesh that is very aromatic.

Uses: This is mainly used to make paprika, also used for spicing dishes.

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Pistachio Oil:
High in mono-unsaturated fats. Use to add the distinctive taste and aroma of pistachio nuts to vinaigrettes, marinades, and nut-based salads.

Poppy Seed :
Very small seed of the poppy plant.

Uses: Garnish for noodles. Used in the baking of breads, rolls, cakes, and cookies.

Porcini Oil:
Extra virgin olive oil infused with porcini. It has a seductive flavour and is delicious drizzled on pasta and rice dishes.

Poultry Seasoning:
A mixtue of herbs and spices, like, sage, thyme, celery salt, savory, etc.

Uses: In poultry, pork, and fish dishes. Also, for stuffings and meat loaf.

Pumpkin Seed Oil:
Extracted from pumpkin seeds, this has a distinctive nutty taste. Good in dressings for chunky salads.

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Pumpkin Seeds:
See Pepitas.

Pumpkin Pie Spice:
A mixture of cloves, cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg.

Uses: Apple and pumpkin pies, and desserts.

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