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The Cooking Inn : Herbs, Spices, Oils & Flavorings E Page Select an item from the list to go to it's site

Eno's Fruit Salt:
Is an English product used as a raising agent. You can make it's equivalent by combining 1 ounce baking soda, 1/2 ounce tartaric acid and 1/3 ounce citric acid: store in an airtight container and use as needed.

Epazote is an essential seasoning in many Mexican foods, being considered particularly compatible with bean dishes. It was in use long before Columbus made his voyage.

A memberof the endive family of leafy greens with a mildly bitter flavor.

Uses: Used mainly in salads, it is excellent briefly cooked in soups and main dishes.

Malt Extract: provides the keynote for several well-known milk drinks.

Meat Extract: adds a salty, concentrated taste to many foods, from soups to drinks.

Yeast Extract: is a blend of salt and brewer's yeast.

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