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Is a variety of hulled or unhulled split lentils. Common Daals are Chana (split chickpeas), Masoor (splti salmon colored red lentil), Mung (split mung beans), Toor or Toovar (pale yellow daal from split pigeon peas) and Urad (split Black mung). A dish made out of lentils is also called Daal. Lentils are very rich in protein and make a good substitute for meat. Before cooking, daals should be sorted, washed and rinsed in water.

A dash of an ingredient is a small amount -- much less that 1/8 teaspoon. To add a dash of an ingredient, just sprinkle a little out into your palm. Then add it to the mixture.

Slowly cooked stew of meat or fish braised in wine and stock with vegetables and herbs.

Deep Fat:
Hot fat or oil which is deep enough to cover food during frying.

Deep Frying:
Method of frying food by immersing it in hot fat or oil.

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To add broth, wine or water to a pan in which food, usually meat or poultry, has been cooked, stirring and scraping up and dissolving the brown bits from the bottom of the pan. This liquid can then make a gravy.

>To remove fat from the surface of stews, soups, or stocks. Usually cooled in the refrigerator so that fat
hardens and is easily removed.

A rich brown sauce that begins with a basic espagnole sauce, which is combined with beef stock and Madeira or Sherry and slowly cooked until it's reduced by half to a thick glaze that coats the spoon. This entense flavor is used as a base for many other sauces.

To remove the moisture from.

Method of preparing meat, poultry or fish with highly seasoned ingredients for grilling or roasting.

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To cut food into small, even-sized,cube-shaped pieces.

Dip Toast:
Toast over which milk, cream, or drawn butter has been poured.

A thin, flat object with a circular shape.

To mix a dry or solid ingredient with a liquid, applying heat if necessary, until the mixture is clear.

A drug that causes the body to excrete excess urine.

Dock the Dough:
Poke holes in dough with a fork to relieve air pockets.

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To scatter small pieces of butter over the top of a prepared dish.

A mixture of flour, water, milk and, or egg, sometimes enriched with fat, which is firm enough to knead, roll and shape into another form.

Cooking process whereby food is slowly simmered in water.

To coat lightly with flour, cornmeal, etc.

1. Prepared sauce for a salad. 2. Stuffing for meat or poultry.

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Fat which drips from meat, poultry or game during roasting process.

Dripping Pan:
A large shallow rectangular pan placed under a spit or oven rack to receive the drippings of roasting meat.

To fry without the use of extra fat or oil.

1. Small balls made of dough, meat or potato mixture, which are steamed or poached. typically used to garnish soups and stews. 2. Fruit encased in dough and baked.

To sprinkle food lightly with flour, sugar or other dry ingredient.

Dutch Cocoa Powder:
Clear syrup produced in light and dark verities as obtained from maize or corn. Common ingredient utilized in the preparation of baked items and confectionery.

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