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The Cooking Inn : Cooking Terminology I

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Ice Cream:
This is probably the most popular dessert in the United States and is certainly to be had in every graduation of quality, from rich and delectable to absolutely awful. This is something that can be made at home and some homemade ice cream can reach a high degree of excellence for far less money that you would pay for equal quality store-bought. And this day in age, with all the flavors: mocha, death by chocolate, mint chocolate chip. Plus the old stand-bys of vanilla, strawberry and regular chocolate. Whatever flavor you decide it is sure to be a pleaser. Grab some ice cream and some cones or have a banana split, just enjoy.

Usually fruit flavored, ices are generally made with a base of sugar and water syrup, plus the juice and sometimes the crushed pulp of whatever fruit you choose. Sherberts are also fruit-flavored and sometimes have light cream or milk added. Ices and sherberts used to be served between the heavier courses of huge dinners in France, but even there the menus are far shorter now and the sherbert or ice is more likely to be served with dessert.

Sweet coating for cakes and pasties most often sugar-based and flavored.

Incomplete Proteins:
Proteins, usually from plant sources, that lack one or more essential amino acids.

Nitrogen compounds found in vegetables and believed to protect against certain cancers by accelerating the elimination of estrogen.

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Steeping herbs, tea leaves or coffee in water or other liquid to extract the favour.

Parts that make up a mixture.

Insoluble Fiber:
Fiber, such as cellulose, that passes undigested through the digestive tract.

Instant Rice:
It is of the opinion of a great many chefs, the fact that instant rice can be made in a few minutes less than other rice is not enough advantage to make up for the lack of flavor and the less attractive texture.

A hormone that regulates carbohydrate metabolism.

A mineral that is essential for the formation of thyroid hormones.

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Irish Stew:
Made with lamb and vegetables and could scarcely be duller, the meat being a dull gray color, and the whole is frequently overcooked that there is very little texture. But then again it is a filling and satisfying meal and sometimes that is more important than flavor or appearence.

A mineral that is essential for the manufacture of hemoglobin and the transport of oxygen.

Plant chemicals that are believed to strengthen the body's defenses against certain cancers.

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