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Also spelled kabob, these are skewers of meat, fish, or vegetables grilled over a fire. All countries serve some version of this dish. Kebab in Armenian means the meat, the skewers are the shish from "shish kebab"

A mixture of flaked cooked fish, rice, chopped hard cooked eggs, butter and seasonings, heated together and usually served for breakfast or lunch.

Potentially toxic wastes produced from the body's partial burning of fatty acids for fuel.

A clear brandy distilled from cherry juice and pits. In cookery, it's most prominently known as a flavorful addition to fondue and cherries jubilee.

A technique used to mix and work a dough in order to form it into a cohesive, pliable mass. Kneading is done with a pressing-folding-turning action performed by pressing down into the dough with the heels of both hands, then pushing away from the body. Depending on the dough, this manual kneading time can range anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes (or more). Well-kneaded dough is smooth and elastic. You can also use a machine, like a mixer or a food processor.

Worked and mixed by folding, pressing, and stretching.

Food prepared according to Orthodox Jewish Law.

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