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This is a mixture of eggs, sugar, and Marsala wine, neaten over hot water until thick and foamy. It is an Italian dessert which is served warm. It is also a dessert sauce.

Zante Grape:
In the United States, where California is the major grower, this tiny (1/8 to 1/4 inch in diameter) purple grape is predominantly used to make the dried currant. The seedless, very sweet Zante grape also still flourishes in Greece, where it originated. Fresh Zantes can sometimes be found from late summer to late fall in specialty produce markets. Trendy restaurants often use tiny clusters of them as a garnish. They're available year-round as dried currants.

(French) Colored, oily outer skin of citrus fruit which, when grated or peeled, is used to favour foods and liquids. The rind of citrus fruits such as orange, grapefruit, lime, and lemon). The rind of the fruit contains oils of essence that lend a nice flavor to the final dish. It is commonly candied or crystallized for pastry use. When zesting, be careful not to include the white pith, as it adds a bitterness.

A trace mineral that is essential for many processes, including metabolism, the healing of wounds, and normal growth.

Zuppa Inglese:
An Italian dessert (created by Lady Hamilton) which is similar to an English triffle. It is made from ladyfingers, rum, and Crème Patissière, chilled in the refrigerator until set and topped with whipped cream before serving.

The word is German for "twice baked." They are dry toasted bread slices, long popular for their digestibility and often served to young children.

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